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Dear Dickensians,

Faithful to the idea started on the year 2008, we are glad to announce you the edition of our Newsletter NB 12, year 2019. It will be ready in paper and in PDF about next June. Once more we call on Dickensians and friends to join us by means of contributions that should be sent by e-mail to before May the 1st, this year. For more details enter the window WORKS TO BE PUBLISHED ON THE BUENOS AIRES DICKENSIANS NEWSLETTER NB 12, YEAR 2019, on HOME or in ACTIVITIES.

Last but not least, Silvia Kenny de Cavanagh's death on August 2018, has being very much mourned by The Buenos Aires Dickensians. We remember her kindness and her valuable collaborations in many Newsletters. From this page we send her family our most sincere regrets.

Whishing to continue the fluid dialogue to which we are used to and notwithstanding the difficulties we are living, please receave our best wishes por peace and success in this new academic year.

Truly yours,

María Isabel Clucellas
Honorary President.

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